Jean Barbier

International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Italy

Statistical limits of dictionary learning: the spectral replica method


I will discuss dictionary learning in the challenging regime where the matrices to infer have a rank growing linearly with the system size. This is in contrast with most existing literature concerned with the low-rank (i.e., constant-rank) regime. The analysis of this model is possible thanks to a novel combination of the replica method from statistical mechanics together with random matrix theory, coined spectral replica method. It allows us to conjecture variational formulas for the mutual information between hidden representations and the noisy data as well as for the overlaps quantifying the optimal reconstruction error. The proposed method reduces the number of degrees of freedom from O(N^2) matrix entries to O(N) eigenvalues (or singular values), and yields Coulomb gas representations of the mutual information which are reminiscent of matrix models in physics. The main ingredients are the use of HarishChandra-Itzykson-Zuber spherical integrals combined with a new replica symmetric decoupling ansatz at the level of the probability distributions of eigenvalues (or singular values) of certain overlap matrices.

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