Inmaculada Leyva

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain

Explosive synchronization in complex networks


The transition to synchrony in complex networks has been extensively studied since already long ago. In the vast majority of cases, dynamics and topologies, this transition is of the second-order type, i.e. continuous and reversible. Recently, however, explosive synchronization, that is, the abrupt, discontinuous and irreversible emergence of a collective coherence state has been reported, and experimentally observed in power grids, circuits and chemical systems. Very recently, the interest has extended also to neuroscience, since some studies have related these phenomena to the onset of epilepsy seizures and the transition to and from consciousness. Various substantial contributions have been made which have provided insights on what structural and dynamical properties are needed for inducing such abrupt transformations. This knowledge has not only given tools for predicting the explosive transitions, but have greatly enhanced our general understanding of phase transitions in networked systems.

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